Pond Kayaking

  • IMG_0188
    The tidal ponds of Sullivan Cove are navigable throughout the year with the exception of low tide or when we experience exceptionally strong north or northwest winds that blow the water out of the river and down the Chesapeake Bay

Winter Tidal Pond Views

  • Pond 004
    These photographs were taken in late December 2008. They demonstrate the uncompromised beauty of the ponds.
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You do not have to post this message. I merely wanted you to know that you've got my support. In any case, my thoughts on the subject...

What is shocking is not so much that the permits are being permitted. It's that these homeowners think their 'right' to the water is worth killing the waterway that they are so desperately trying to access.

It's shameful, disgracefully and truly sick behavior to put one's selfish need over the health of the bay, the Severn and this gem of a wetland.

But, with Critical Area laws being this weak, and our leaders inability to do what is right over what is legal expedites the Bay's continued deterioration.

I hope these three greedy homeowners enjoy their docks when the river not safe to swim in anymore. They can pat themselves on the back knowing they had a key part in the river's demise.

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