Pond Kayaking

  • IMG_0188
    The tidal ponds of Sullivan Cove are navigable throughout the year with the exception of low tide or when we experience exceptionally strong north or northwest winds that blow the water out of the river and down the Chesapeake Bay

Winter Tidal Pond Views

  • Pond 004
    These photographs were taken in late December 2008. They demonstrate the uncompromised beauty of the ponds.
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Thanks for wasting our community's money. Just think of what the OSPIA could have done with $300,000. We could have had a new boat ramp, bathroom facilities with running water, and countless other upgrades!!! What are you freaks going to do now that is over? I say build the damn piers so we all stop fighting. ITS OVER!!! Grow up and move on, most importantly stop wasting my dues.

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